Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactment

Where: Lake Pittsfield, IL Route 107
When: June 5 - 6 2021

This year in observants of our 19th year, Lincoln Days will be highlighting the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee. Shiloh was fought in Hardin County, Tennessee on April 6-7, 1862. On April 6th the Confederate Army under the command of General Albert Sidney Johnston surprised the Union troops under the command of General U.S. Grant. After a long and bloody day of fighting Union forces had been pushed back toward the Tennessee River. That evening Grant was reinforced allowing him to gain the advantage on the 7th and push the Confederates back toward Corinth, Mississippi. Shiloh would change the culture of America and the conversation regarding the war forever. Union losses over those two days were 13,074. Confederate losses were 10,669. No longer would the war be referred to as a short affair. Now it had become a bloody affair with many more to come.


You’ll have a front row seat as Civil War battles rage all weekend long. The armies of both the Union and the Confederacy will battle it out throughout this 480-acre site along the shores of lovely Lake Pittsfield. Explore the encampments surrounding the battlefield for a rare glimpse into the life of the soldiers, officers, doctors and others who served on the front lines of the War Between the States. Watch as the Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery conduct the various formations, commands and firing as they did during the war.

Talk with President Lincoln, General Grant, and General Lee. Save your seat for the ladies’ fashion show, take part in a variety of children’s games and crafts, or join other worshippers as part of a Sunday morning period church service. Featured musical entertainment, activities, and demonstrations will capture the spirit of Lincoln’s life and times.

Pittsfield Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactors

Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactment has been designated a Looking for Lincoln Signature Event by the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition and the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.